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carouse / кутить, пировать, бражничать
carouse, revel, dissipate, rage
feast, revel, banquet, make merry, junket, carouse
revel, roister, wassail, carouse
имя существительное
buster, booze, revelry, blinder, bender, carouse
revels, revelry, carousal, junket, buster, carouse
имя существительное
a noisy, lively drinking party.
corporate carouses
drink plentiful amounts of alcohol and enjoy oneself with others in a noisy, lively way.
they danced and caroused until the drink ran out
The Last Supper, or a mere carouse as Ivan had called it (which caused his confinement in the dark shed), came to the apogee.
We drank, caroused , sang, read, shared and worked together, only to part forever from each other's company.
She felt closer to her father and her own pirate blood that night, carousing in the pirate town of Tortuga.
He looked weary and about three years older - like he had just spent an entire night carousing through Detroit and drinking to his heart's content.
These verses have been quoted by Arab carousers though the centuries.
He would come home early, early in the morning - after work, he would go out drinking and carousing , so his adventures would take until after midnight to culminate.
The Middleton Guardian was told that up to 60 vandals regularly invade the grounds and spend the whole night drinking and carousing , leaving a trail of dangerous debris in their wake.
It's a day of drinking, carousing and live music.
She was stuck indoors with the kids while he was out carousing .
There's evidence to support this, too: where I used to go out carousing until the wee small hours during the week, I'm now more likely to be moderate and in bed by midnight - even on the weekends.