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carol / гимн, хорал, веселая песнь
имя существительное
anthem, hymn, carol, canticle
chorale, choral, carol
веселая песнь
carol, chant, sing, anthem
laud, emblazon, carol
петь веселую песню
имя существительное
a religious folk song or popular hymn, particularly one associated with Christmas.
singing Christmas carols around the tree
sing Christmas songs or hymns, especially in a group.
a night of Christmas caroling was traditional
sing or say (something) happily.
she was cheerfully caroling the words of the song
a carol service
Some of the residents followed them around while they were caroling through the hallways.
That's one of our most beautiful and popular Christmas carols .
‘My lady,’ he caroled , ‘Whatever have I done to be graced by your presence?’
The children have caroling and hot chocolate and they decorate the tree.
The lights are aglow in the windows, the sound of the Christmas carols and the song we associate with the season of goodwill to all men is with us once again.
Yet, I don't spring out of bed each morning, carolling syrupy songs about how glad I am to be preparing for work.
Then there was the yearly appearance of the young lady who, clad in riding outfit and cracking a mean whip, leapt on to the stage carolling ‘The next horse I ride on I'm going to be tied on.’
They all insisted that they want both carolling and Christmas party this year.
Christmas carols were being sung by almost everyone in the lodge.