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carob / рожковое дерево
имя существительное
рожковое дерево
carob, locust, locust tree, acacia
имя существительное
a brown floury powder extracted from the carob bean, used as a substitute for chocolate.
Fortunately the redoubtable Ms. Hillary is not diabetic, as chocolates are high on the prohibited list, as are the so-called ‘diabetic’ chocolates or the chocolate substitute carob .
a small evergreen Arabian tree that bears long brownish-purple edible pods.
To save his life, the rabbi withdrew with his son to a cave in Galilee where, miraculously, a carob tree grew and a water well appeared, so that he never lacked for food or water.
Water less-thirsty trees (Arbutus ‘Marina’, carob , Chinese pistache) about once a month or so.
Add extras such as carob or malted milk powder to impart a gourmet flavor to your concoctions.
Most people will associate carob with a popular alternative to chocolate, yet it would seem to be more of a ‘wonderbean'.
Ceratonia siliqua (the carob or locust tree) is native to the eastern Mediterranean basin.
All over the two islands, locals sell honey and carob and jam jars full of capers.
And, save for hard, stale cookies and bars in health food stores, carob was scarce outside my own kitchen.
Hand-made from natural ingredients, treat flavours include peanut butter, liver, honey and vanilla and carob .
One brand of homemade ice-cream has chunks of salt and carob instead of proper chocolate.
The locust trees are also broadly similar to the carob .
Honey and fresh fruit are ok in small amounts and carob not chocolate, also soy yoghurt not ice cream.