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carnivore / плотоядное животное, насекомоядное растение
имя существительное
плотоядное животное
carnivore, meat-eater
насекомоядное растение
имя существительное
an animal that feeds on flesh.
The carnivores feed on annelids, crustaceans, and fish.
Fish owls, jungle cats, civets (a carnivore related to the mongoose), and even house cats are reported to eat them.
The tiger is a top-level carnivore and if the animal and its habitat are protected, naturally all the micro flora and fauna and dependent animals in the habitat will get protection.
But wildlife experts believe that the pine marten - the second-rarest carnivore in Britain after the wild cat - has returned to the North York Moors.
The toes are very narrow, suggesting that the animal was a carnivore .
Salamanders are carnivores , feeding on insects, worms, and similar prey.
During this time, all the big herbivores and carnivores were great lumbering creatures; some of which may have been semi-aquatic, while others were fully terrestrial.
Small carnivores such as mongoose and crows pose a threat to the night heron chicks.
Yet a new study shows that some invertebrate carnivores choose their prey carefully, day by day.
Seals and marine birds are also carnivores that dine at or near the top of the food chain (as did the extinct marine reptiles).
Just as carnivores eat meat and herbivores eat plant matter, frugivores subsist primarily on fruit.