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carnation / гвоздика, разные оттенки красноватых тонов, телесный цвет
имя существительное
carnation, clove, pink, allspice
разные оттенки красноватых тонов
телесный цвет
flesh color, body color, carnation
имя прилагательное
scarlet, red, damask, incarnadine, vermilion, carnation
имя существительное
a double-flowered cultivated variety of clove pink, with gray-green leaves and showy pink, white, or red flowers.
It was a work of art, four feet in diameter comprised of orchids, lilies of the valley, hyacinths, arum lilies and white carnations .
a rosy pink color.
sage and carnation throw pillows
Mention the names carnation , pinks or sweet William and most gardeners will immediately recognize the family of plants.
sage and carnation throw pillows
Stitched with colorful silk threads on a wool ground, primarily in cross-stitch, it features an acorn and carnation border, three wide floral bands, and averse.
The skirt was ‘a loose undergarment, full gathered, of carnation , striped with silver and parted with a golden zone’.
sage and carnation throw pillows
They wore fuchsia pink bodice top and skirt and carried matching bouquets of pink and white carnations .
Choose flowers with full heads like dahlias, carnations , chrysanthemums and daffodils.
Her shroud was covered in red and white carnations , an icon placed on her breast, while candles burned at her head and feet.
To the left and right were carnations , daffodils, orchids, and every species of flower Althia could recognize and some she couldn't.
Willow trees swayed gently besides the house, offering shade; she could make out a showcase of white lilies and golden carnations behind the foggy windows of an adjacent greenhouse.