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carnal / плотский, чувственный
имя прилагательное
carnal, fleshly, fleshy, sensual
sensual, sensuous, voluptuous, carnal, sexy, libidinous
имя прилагательное
relating to physical, especially sexual, needs and activities.
carnal desire
Sensuality is only carnal when it is used indiscriminately, for self-defeating gratification.
Islam requires that both women and men adopt modest dress that does not inflame carnal desire.
Shopping in our humble opinions is a divine pleasure in its own right and its reputation can only be sullied by likening it to more carnal activity.
It is carnal need, which, by coincidence, is an important part of the expression of love.
The Wooden Frock is from the Cinderella shelf of the library, the slipper here replaced by the more carnal symbol of a wedding ring.
Here you will find a room of elegantly erotic mosaics, and sentimentally carnal ceramics.
The videos apparently distract the viewer's attention from the song to the meaningless portrayal of carnal desires.
When Sam's not being offered carnal delights, he is being offered other vices.
The pair were so engrossed in their carnal activities that they did not even notice Loren.
And yet to me to love in a carnal sense was at any rate to enjoy a triumph over countless rivals.