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caribou / карибу
имя существительное
caribou, cariboo
имя существительное
a large North American reindeer.
Large artiodactyls such as the caribou inhabit subarctic forests.
In May and early June the coastal plain serves as the principal calving ground for the Porcupine herd of caribou .
When there is a loss of habitat, the woodland caribou becomes a prime target for wolves that gorge on their plentiful prey.
The Finnish reindeer does not show the typical migratory behaviour seen in wild reindeer and caribou .
The area over which the caribou were sampled would become important to avoid a geographic variation effect.
The cervids include deer and their allies, including familiar moose, elk, and caribou .
It seems like warmer temperatures should come as welcome relief to the caribou that roam the harsh lands of Alaska.
They have been known to kill animals as large as caribou and mountain goats.
Mammals, like reindeer and caribou are known to travel many miles in search of food in the cold winter months.
There are also caribou , wolves, walruses, polar bears and beluga whales.
In caribou , kidney mass is known to fluctuate through time as a function of reproductive status.