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cargo / груз, груз корабля
имя существительное
cargo, goods, load, freight, loading, weight
груз корабля
имя прилагательное
cargo, freight, goods, loading
имя существительное
goods carried on a ship, aircraft, or motor vehicle.
transportation of bulk cargo
I was found some bones, possibly part of the frozen meat cargo that she was carrying when she sank.
Georgia is also expanding the dry bulk cargo handling facilities of its Black Sea ports.
The first van had only just been loaded with its cargo of cash when the robbers struck.
He wants cargo that will suit the ship or a use that will befit the work that has been carried out.
Yet cargo boats regularly cut through the Sound of Mull, purely to save time and fuel.
transportation of bulk cargo
a cargo of oil
cargo container
In commercial terms however paddle steamers were never to catch on for ocean going cargo carrying.
The cargo was consigned to yet another firm, registered in the British Virgin Islands.