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careworn / измученный заботами
имя прилагательное
измученный заботами
имя прилагательное
tired and unhappy because of prolonged worry.
a careworn expression
His hair was white, but he seemed so full of life beneath his rough, careworn exterior.
However tired and careworn he looks - and he now mostly looks both - he performs well.
Younger and wirier than his charge, talking a mile a minute and singing during his chores, he nonetheless shows a careworn , weary face, and he drinks on the sly.
His dark hair was greying and his face was careworn and weary.
Beside her stood a crowned man with grey hair, his face careworn .
Yes, I recognised a large percentage of the faces in the crowd as my former classmates, a little more careworn now than in junior high.
The careworn look that Anil wore during the eight months of bitter battle had faded, and he was almost his usual self - brash, natty, and cheerful.
His poor mother had once been an exciting happy woman, but the years without her husband had deprived her of those lovely qualities, leaving her sad and careworn at age 39.
As they approached, he noticed their anxious yet hopeful eyes in careworn faces.
Finding the ideal relationship is still Zedek's primary lyrical focus, and her emotively careworn voice remains the strongest aspect of her music.