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caretaker / смотритель, сторож, лицо, присматривающее за домом
имя существительное
caretaker, warden, keeper, ward
guard, watch, keeper, caretaker, janitor, custodian
лицо, присматривающее за домом
имя существительное
a person employed to look after a public building or a house in the owner's absence.
On a typical day Ann arrives at school at least half an hour before the youngsters and stays - like her colleagues - until the caretaker locks the building at 5.30 pm.
a person employed to look after people or animals.
In addition, staff can help caretakers select an animal that is compatible with their environment and resources.
He stayed in football, managing several clubs in the Western League, and was caretaker manager at Exeter for a short while.
I sympathise with the council because I know it will cost money to employ a caretaker but something has got to be done.
The program features the story of a baby animal, and the struggles of the parents and caretaker in the months following conception.
Khintu is the daughter of the caretaker of our building.
And caretaker manager Viv Busby recognises the value of a tight back line especially against the likes of Conference play-off hopefuls Aldershot Town.
She asked the government to accept public demands that it scrap the law and hand power over to a caretaker government.
A new Prime Minister, Hans Modrow, headed a caretaker government that shared power with the new, democratically oriented parties.
Prior to Connor's arrival, successful Youth team coach Mickey Feeney had acted as caretaker manager.
Taylor turned around to see Rowel, the oldest animal caretaker .
he works as a college caretaker