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careless / небрежный, беспечный, неосторожный
имя прилагательное
careless, negligent, sloppy, casual, inadvertent, remiss
careless, carefree, thoughtless, unconcerned, nonchalant, reckless
careless, unwary, indiscreet, incautious, imprudent, unguarded
имя прилагательное
not giving sufficient attention or thought to avoiding harm or errors.
she had been careless and had left the window unlocked
He emerged as the great hope in 2001, then spent the next 12 months standing still, and his career is littered with careless errors and lame excuses.
Cognitive blanks are the sporadic result of careless reading, I knew.
Under the Road Traffic Act, a person shall not drive a vehicle in a public place without due care and attention, commonly known as careless driving.
Young, brash and careless they are guilty of making basic errors.
The careless , the casual, the thoughtless reader will come away from them no wiser than he was before.
It looks as though Salisbury's careless talk may have cost her both her job and her freedom.
Pray that whatever has caused them to be so careless doesn't harm them or someone else.
It was weird that she was staying here, nonchalant and careless , after the events that night.
Slowly we get used to the careless mentality I have known for so long, a casual, easy-going laziness.
Another gift try was conceded when careless passing resulted in an interception, and so it went on as the home side failed to halt the flow of points against them.