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careerist / карьерист, шкурник
имя существительное
careerist, climber, social climber, placeman, arriviste, place-hunter
имя существительное
a person whose main concern is for professional advancement, especially one willing to achieve this by any means.
a careerist politician
One of the realities of these worlds is the strategic exploitation of these essentialist identities as a means of personal leverage, power, and careerist gain.
What the film does do well is tell the story of this one man and capture the wider portrait of a profession where careerist opportunism has begun to count for more than old-fashioned ethics.
The most intense resistance comes from women who, despite the promises of careerist feminism, remain reluctant to surrender so many of their personal urges to the promises of ecstatic work.
Students today are more careerist than ever before.
My first thoughts were to advise all my single friends to stay away from careerist husbands.
These are men and women who work not off of political ideals or even insight, but rather are driven by careerist ambition and opportunist fear.
Look at the changes in his party registrations, which even his mother thought were careerist and job-centered.
I didn't ask them why, but either morality or potential careerist reasons were likely.
Today, vocationally oriented students and careerist colleagues make it a chore.
She has work she loves, as a community physician - not, you'll note, as a cold-hearted status-obsessed selfish careerist user, as professional women are always accused of being.