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careen / крениться, килевать, кренговать
heel, careen, list, lurch
careen, heel, keelhaul, keel
heel, careen
имя существительное
подводная часть судна
careen, bottom
turn (a ship) on its side for cleaning, caulking, or repair.
That sort of upkeep had always been done between tides, on gently sloped sandy beaches, where the boats were careened and cleaned.
move swiftly and in an uncontrolled way in a specified direction.
an electric golf cart careened around the corner
Extending my arm swiftly causing his body to careen helplessly over some empty tables and land in a heap, brought closure to the altercation.
The captain will need our help to careen the ship soon, so he fined us instead of giving us all Mose's law.
Begin bringing the others ashore and making preparations to careen her here.
His biggest day comes when we careen the ship, which happens twice a year.
Free radicals careen through your bloodstream and indiscriminately plunder unpaired electrons from unsuspecting molecules.
Next the photon would smack into the other electron; on absorbing the photon's energy and momentum, this electron would careen off toward the upper left.
a heavy flood tide caused my vessel to careen dizzily
a heavy flood tide caused my vessel to careen dizzily
Well, the four of us are going to discuss plans to careen the ship.
Nathan swung around, his arm just missing Kayden as he bent his knees swiftly, allowing Nathan's arm to go careening over his head.