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care / заботиться, ухаживать, беспокоиться
care, concern, look after, fend, attend, tend
care, look after, court, tend, nurse, groom
worry, bother, trouble, concern, care, fret
имя существительное
care, leave, leaving, departure, maintenance, treatment
care, concern, worry, attention, anxiety, solicitude
care, trouble, solicitude, solicitudes
имя существительное
the provision of what is necessary for the health, welfare, maintenance, and protection of someone or something.
the care of the elderly
serious attention or consideration applied to doing something correctly or to avoid damage or risk.
he planned his departure with great care
feel concern or interest; attach importance to something.
they don't care about human life
look after and provide for the needs of.
he has numerous animals to care for
Cooperative for American Relief Everywhere, a large private organization that provides emergency and long-term assistance to people in need throughout the world.
they don't care about human life
Society owes a debt of gratitude to people involved in voluntary groups who deliver animal care and welfare services.
I'm responsible for the care of a dependant
He couldn't let his thoughts drift off into something he shouldn't care about.
I hadn't a care in the world
Of course maybe that was why he was doing this, he does seem like the rebel type who doesn't care what his friend has to say.
Wash your garment with care and avoid scrubbing excessively to prevent damaging it.
The private sector had always had a small and important support role but past efforts to improve care through private provision had failed.
There was a happy ending, though, as Canadians don't really care about the US anthem anyway.
Accidents happen because of somebody's lack of care and attention.