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cardiograph / кардиограф
имя существительное
an instrument for recording heart muscle activity, such as an electrocardiograph.
Wagner's company, which produces a range of high-technology devices, including cardiographs and patient monitors, expects computers to revolutionize the way medical device manufacturers support customer training efforts.
Inovise went to four outside firms for help creating its Audicor cardiograph expansion system.
His ears didn't pick up anything but the digital tick of the cardiograph , not the plodding footsteps or melodic dry thumps of a cane.
The gradient profile of the hills provided in my cycling guide looks suspiciously like the cardiograph reading of a 36-year-old having a heart attack, but I am not deterred.
My son is now a house husband and part-time senior cardiograph technician working between two hospitals looking after two children.
The silence was broken only by the constant beep of the cardiograph , the electrical noise humming out every few seconds to indicate a resting, biologically functional heart resting inside of her battered ribcage.
The hospital issued a press release saying Lee is recovering well and that a physical examination and cardiograph showed his condition was normal.
A cardiograph would be able to record my heart movements accurately and then you'd have a concise visual aid.
After the leads for impedance cardiography were applied, we were unable to accurately collect and record bioimpedance data from 4 patients.
A significant number of health workers - including nurses, radiographers, cardiographers and labourers - tested positive when they were scanned last week for thyroid nodules.
They may be assisted by cardiographers , and work closely with other technical and nursing staff.