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cardinal / кардинал, количественное числительное
имя существительное
количественное числительное
cardinal number, cardinal
имя прилагательное
cardinal, pivotal
main, basic, base, primary, key, cardinal
main, major, chief, principal, primary, cardinal
имя прилагательное
of the greatest importance; fundamental.
two cardinal points must be borne in mind
имя существительное
a leading dignitary of the Roman Catholic Church. Cardinals are nominated by the pope and form the Sacred College, which elects succeeding popes (now invariably from among their own number).
The cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church are sealed into the Sistine Chapel for a very secret ballot.
a New World songbird of the bunting family, with a stout bill and typically with a conspicuous crest. The male is partly or mostly red in color.
As we had learned from those first brave chickadees, the cardinal , the robin family, and now the sparrow, communion with another life can change your perspective on the world.
Respect for the dead that used to be of cardinal importance in society is rarely noticeable during funeral ceremonies these days.
This I regard as being a point of cardinal importance in the present case.
A Roman Catholic cardinal prominent in the Counter-Reformation, he was a celebrated spiritual director, and a theologian deeply concerned with the Incarnation.
He said discipline was cardinal , adding that civil servants should desist from activities like drinking beer during working hours and involving themselves in partisan politics.
The need for a viable transport sector in any economy is cardinal .
The rest of them, save the one single cardinal that keeps evading my lens, I'm not sure what they are.
She said Zambia had recognised that the full participation of women and men in the development process was cardinal to achieving sustainable development.
Now I live by certain cardinal rules one of which is other people will get you in trouble so don't listen to them.
One of the cardinal principles John Hume held was that northern nationalists should not take sides in southern politics.
In the weeks before the trip to Rome, I had tried but failed to arrange a meeting with the cardinal who headed the Pontifical Commission for Justice and Peace.