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cardboard / картон, строительный картон
имя существительное
cardboard, carton, board, pasteboard, cartoon
строительный картон
paperboard, cardboard
имя прилагательное
insecure, groggy, flimsy, haywire, frail, cardboard
stereotyped, formulaic, routine, stock, stereotype, cardboard
stereotyped, stereotypical, stereotype, formulaic, stereotypic, cardboard
имя существительное
pasteboard or stiff paper.
a cardboard box
Again the council can provide boxes to store cardboard and plastic bottles awaiting disposal.
Besides, the big cardboard box it came in was my only cabinet for a fair while.
Most people will be aware that there is little demand for paper, cardboard , plastic and glass.
We made mailboxes out of construction paper and cardboard and put them on our desks.
The ventilators are blocked, and roof tiles have caved in and have been replaced by paper and cardboard .
a cardboard box
In the western town of Ghansi, hundreds live in shacks made of plastic and cardboard tied together.
The parade of cardboard characters with implausible motives makes for a less than satisfying read.
Swindon Council provided households with a box for cardboard , paper and other recyclables.
I'll have to wait and see if they get a better grasp on the characters or just leave them as cardboard cutouts.