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card / карты, карта, открытка
имя существительное
cards, card
map, card, chart
card, postcard, postal
scratch, tease, card, comb, ripple
comb, scour, card
имя существительное
a piece of thick, stiff paper or thin pasteboard, in particular one used for writing or printing on.
some notes jotted down on a card
a small rectangular piece of plastic issued by a bank, containing personal data in a machine-readable form and used chiefly to obtain cash or credit.
However, if they do obtain a card , the credit limit will be low.
a playing card.
a deck of cards
a person regarded as odd or amusing.
He laughed, “You're a card, you know.”
a program of events at a racetrack.
Bag Woman won the first race on the card , a claiming event in which she carried a $13,500 tag, to sew up the record.
write (something) on a card, especially for indexing.
The carded information was then verified by a separate review.
check the identity card of (someone), in particular as evidence of legal drinking age.
Lately, theaters have been taking the ‘R’ rating far more seriously than they used to - actually carding young patrons to check if they are of age to see the movie without a guardian.
(in golf and other sports) score (a certain number of points on a scorecard).
he carded 68 in the final round
comb and clean (raw wool, hemp fibers, or similar material) with a sharp-toothed instrument in order to disentangle the fibers before spinning.
Spinning wheels lined the walls and at the central tables others sorted, hackled and carded the wool.
When carding the teased wool, a card is held in each hand.
your card cannot be used to withdraw more than your daily limit from cash machines
Claiming that he was a recent convert, he displayed a certificate of his Buddhist affiliation and his ID card with the name Jing'an printed on it.
a piece of card
It was something the bartender or distributor wouldn't card me for.
Of course, we all wish to find solutions to crime, terrorism and fraud, but an identity card will achieve nothing.
High water conditions brought on by heavy rains forced Delaware Park officials to cancel a scheduled nine-race card on Monday.
However, changes to the banking code shared the responsibility for safeguarding both the card and cash more evenly between bank and account holder.
Seven over after 12 holes, he birdied the 15th and parred the last three to card a six-over 76, seven off the lead.
That might mean a card access system combined with a keypad system so that an employee would have to present a card and then enter a PIN.