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carcass / каркас, туша, труп
имя существительное
frame, framework, carcass, skeleton, shell, rack
carcass, carcase, beef
corpse, body, carcass, carcase, cadaver, corse
имя существительное
the dead body of an animal.
Filth, carcasses of dead animals, garbage and polythene floating on the water and piling up at the embankments narrates the horrific story about the present condition of the stream.
Imagine being given a bowl of stew made from a two-week old turkey carcass , half a can of mushroom soup, droopy vegetables scraped from the back of the fridge and half a leftover apple pie.
Bowlers no longer join the attack from the Grandstand End, in front of the derelict carcass of a structure that used to be the only shelter for paying supporters when it rained - and in Derby it always rained.
the carcass has a high proportion of meat to bone
Once there, they intend to complete their journey, leaving the dollar-tribe to rot on their stranded carcass of a ship.
The fact that Naik still gives it primacy is appropriate, since we have persisted in dragging this rotting carcass of a social structure with us into the new century.
The area would have been too boggy to make flint tools and uninhabitable for humans so experts believe this means the carcass was butchered for meat.
Once a mining center, Goldfield is now a crumbling carcass , a living ghost town of 300 people.
Like looking with a flashlight at the carcass of a ship decaying at the bottom of the ocean, you only see parts of it unveil through the tinted glass as you walk along the elevated platform.
Lamb yield grades are also an indicator of the percent of salable meat that a carcass will yield.
There was a Rris sitting on a pile of lumber with his back to us, tail twitching as the person regarded the carcass of the ship.