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carburettor / карбюратор
имя существительное
carburetor, carburettor, carburetter
The most obvious change was the switch from putting fuel in the engine with a carburettor to using fuel injection.
Simply put, if driven front first up a slope, the petrol would not feed the carburettor and the engine would conk out.
More than a decade later, along with Wilhelm Maybach he developed a high-speed internal combination engine with a carburettor that made it possible to use gasoline as fuel.
They have created a handsome engine that s modern but retro with air-cooling, a carburetor , and pushrods activating two valves per cylinder.
He switched the fuel pump on and off at the top end in an attempt to keep the fuel mixing in the carburetors .
This sludge blocked fuel filters, carburettors and fuel-injection systems, leading to rough running and engine failures.
If possible, trace the throttle cable from where it leaves the firewall to the carburetor or fuel control unit, and look for wear and tear, or loose connections.
Those races stand out because restrictor plates are put on the carburetors to keep horsepower down.
The most likely cause is an abrupt or inappropriate movement of the helicopter's controls or the stalling of the main rotor blade due to icing on the engine carburetor .
As he worked on carburetors , engines, and transmissions, he did something unusual.