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carbolic / карболка
имя существительное
имя прилагательное
It wasn't quite the same as when I trained and worked in hospital, when everything was cleaned with carbolic and a hospital smelled of hospital.
Then he soaped the scrubbing brush with red carbolic and scrubbed his back.
Of course, it was all in the mind but every time I smelt carbolic I remembered my dear grandfather.
This autumn, we should be wearing neat, discreet fashion and talking in clipped, Celia Johnson voices about tea caddies and how marvellous carbolic is on stains.
Their pink-scrubbed skin and the smell of carbolic spoke of vigorous attention to matters of the toilet.
It would free us up time to get on with scrubbing ourselves with carbolic soap
It was obviously impossible to kill microbes in the wound by means of heat as Pasteur had shown in his experiments, so Lister developed chemical methods to destroy the bacteria, initially carbolic acid .
How will they get by on Sunday, with no shampoo, just grated carbolic soap .
Maggie was a servant girl in her youth and could wield the dykebrush, carbolic soap and dishcloth with better results than anyone I had ever seen before.
As I opened this watch, which my sister had found hidden in her attic after all these years, there was a distinct smell of carbolic soap and it reminded me at once of Grandfather.