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carb / карбюратор
имя существительное
dietary carbohydrates.
all of our products are naturally low in carbs
Breathing through a Mikuni carb the engine generates 27 bhp and 21Nm of torque.
The Air Density Index will tell us everything we need to know for carb jetting using a much simpler percentage scale.
consumers are really watching their carb intake
consumers are really watching their carb intake
Next fit the reed valve, gaskets and the carb .
This is checked by peeking into the carb - when the engine is off!
Take a Ferrari, stick an old beat up two barrel carb on her and you're going nowhere fast.
Or does it only occur if systems of carb icing appear, such as roughness in the engine sound, loss of rpms, etc.?
The 100-hp Continental O - 200 engine at least seemed indestructible, even if it was susceptible to carb icing.
Both Vic and Richie had been rather surprised when she had appeared in the parking lot after school late the summer before and asked if he knew where she could get her hands on a Rochester Quadrajet carb for under fifty dollars.