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caravan / караван, автоприцеп, фургон
имя существительное
caravan, train, procession
caravan, trailer
van, wagon, caravan, waggon, camion
имя существительное
a vehicle equipped for living in, typically towed by a car and used for vacations.
a caravan holiday
a group of people, especially traders or pilgrims, traveling together across a desert in Asia or North Africa.
It is believed that the dogs got their name from travelling with caravans of traders.
With another lottery grant Kyle purchased the equipment she had been renting, and a big black light-proof canvas tent which she stretches over benders in the shape of a gypsy caravan .
It was after that two-week family holiday in their caravan , which Rose adored, that Stephen and Susan were told the terrible news that nothing more could be done.
To anybody who has ever endured a caravan holiday in Ireland, mobile homes will always conjure up images of laminate interiors, chintzy furnishings and Travel Scrabble.
At the end of the road stood a canvas covered caravan and beside it a tiny theatre, a miniature stage with a black curtain backdrop.
While caravan holidays were once considered to be a cheap and cheerful option, customers now have the option of luxury lodges.
What they're going to do about it: First, they're going to drive very slowly to Ottawa in a caravan involving dozens of cars.
The caravan of RV's trucked down Orcas and invaded the quiet cove on East Sound bay where the resort is nestled.
The caravan of desert travelers came over the ridges of sand, marching ceaselessly under the blazing yellow sun.
In 2003, Funny Cide brought his owners to the big track in their caravan of yellow school buses.
Along the ground a caravan of ground crew and volunteers zips along to meet the group at the next rest stop.