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carapace / щиток черепахи и ракообразных
имя существительное
щиток черепахи и ракообразных
имя существительное
the hard upper shell of a turtle, crustacean, or arachnid.
The hard carapace or upper shell of some sea turtles acts as a protection from predators.
Only crabs with more than 95 percent of the dorsal carapace exposed were selected.
Ostracods shed the carapace with each molt, whereas the conchostracans simply add material to the carapace as they grow.
In the performance of this task, at last the hard carapace of my resistance broke apart.
In general, the morphology of the carapace of the type species is more subtle than that exhibited on the new species.
With such scathing one-liners Steers gives his film a hard carapace of irony.
The dorsal carapace , as far as is known to the authors, has never been described from the fossil record.
It exhibits the ventral side of the body but the carapace is removed and dorsally visible.
Both specimens are probably molts, as only the dorsal carapace is preserved.
The narrow border of the carapace is visible, especially at the anterior and dorsal margins.
In some species, the carapace is domed, while most have a low-arching carapace .