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caramelize / карамелизовать, подтверждать сделку
подтверждать сделку
(of sugar or syrup) be converted into caramel.
Remove the casserole lid, sprinkle very lightly with soft, dark Muscovado sugar and grill under a gentle heat until the sugar caramelizes .
The oil has to be hot and stay hot to properly caramelize the potatoes.
If you overcook your jam, the sugar will caramelize and it won't taste good and there's nothing you can do.
Each side of the tomato will be cooked twice and the brown sugar should caramelize .
Cook until large bubbles appear but do not allow sugar to caramelize .
Return the pan to medium heat to melt the sugar again and caramelize the nuts.
When the sugar begins to caramelize into a dark brown color, swirl in the butter.
Not only did beet sugar caramelize , it did it in a way that was indistinguishable from cane sugar.
The Camden burger consists of a fresh kaiser roll, eight Angus ounces, sweet caramelized onions and a mini haystack of shoestring potatoes.
The meat was assuming a delicious caramelization as small bits of fat morphed into sugar.
A lightly caramelized crust coats each sweet potato dumpling, giving just a slight crunch as you bite into each.