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carambola / карамбола
имя существительное
a golden-yellow juicy fruit with a star-shaped cross section.
The carambola , or five-finger fruit, has a mild but sweet taste, and a thinnish skin.
the small tropical tree which bears the carambola fruits.
Carambola , a small tree or shrub, is thought to be native to Java or other parts of Indonesia, and perhaps also Sri Lanka.
‘Asam’ refers to the sourness of the fruit, which is related to the sweeter carambola .
One common reason for the malformation of fruits, such as asymmetric carambola or pears, is incomplete pollination.
Why did New Zealand accept a variation to the Australian New Zealand Food Standard code that will allow irradiated mango, papaya, mangosteen, litchi, breadfruit, carambola , custard apple and rambutan to be imported into New Zealand?
My lobster consommé was not the usual salted brown water, but a subtly tasting hot lake surrounding an island of crispy shrimp, carambola and tomato salad.
September introduces kids to mangos and carambola .
Star fruit - or carambola as it's also known - is just the ticket.
There are the kiwi fruit, watery rose apple, carambola , passion fruit, eggfruit, figs, strawberry guava, lovi lovi, mangostein, pomegranate.
The carambola , or five-finger fruit, has a mild but sweet taste, and a thinnish skin.
Jamaican cooks have rediscovered their native tangy fruits, including ackee (the reddish-yellow fruit of an evergreen tree), carambola , and ortanique (a cross between an orange and a tangerine).
Multicoloured, multilayered cakes and mousses abound, along with carambola , mango and cream pastry and pistachio and cappuccino squares.