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capuchin / плащ с капюшоном
имя существительное
плащ с капюшоном
capote, capa, capuchin
имя существительное
a friar belonging to a branch of the Franciscan order that observes a strict rule drawn up in 1529.
One of the major events to take place in the month of June was the Canonisation of Padre Pio - a Capuchin monk with a huge Irish following.
a cloak and hood formerly worn by women.
Regency wraps have many strange and wonderful names but are basically capes (shawls, mantles, pelerines, capes, cloaks, capuchins ).
a South American monkey with a cap of hair on the head that has the appearance of a cowl.
I have spent many hours here photographing the cock-of-the-rock, the brown capuchin monkey (far right) and many insects, including long-legged flies.
a pigeon of a breed with head and neck feathers resembling a cowl.
Groups of male capuchin birds attract females with sounds like the whine of some outer-space cicada insect crossed with a sick cow: ‘mmmmmmmm-WOW!’