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capture / захват, поимка, пленение
имя существительное
capture, grab, taking, seizure, grip, take
capture, catch, cop
capture, captivity
grab, capture, seize, grasp, grip, take
catch, capture, pick up, catch hold of, hook, nail
seize, catch, take hold of, grapple, capture, snatch
имя существительное
the action of capturing or of being captured.
the capture of the city marks the high point of his career
take into one's possession or control by force.
the Russians captured 13,000 men
Booth, killed as he fled capture , had imagined history would hail him.
For all she knew, they could have been enslaved or killed after their capture , and here she was in chains, unable to make a move to help.
Version 2.0 allows users to capture customer e-mail stored in corporate mailboxes in addition to submissions from the Web.
Not until the ambient temperature in the expanding universe had cooled from trillions down to about 3,000 degrees Kelvin did the nuclei capture electrons.
The military code of conduct does require that military personnel resist capture .
Although the check has been blocked, the rook is completely undefended and the White queen can immediately capture this valuable piece.
the player was a £2,200 capture from another team
she did a series of sketches, trying to capture all his moods
In exemplary fashion, he resisted every effort by the enemy to make his capture and imprisonment work to their advantage.
Plant chloroplasts normally capture photons to excite electrons to drive photosynthesis.