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captivity / плен, пленение, рабство
имя существительное
capture, captivity
slavery, bondage, servitude, enslavement, captivity, serfdom
The sad fate of the German prisoners of war held in Soviet captivity is generally known in the Federal Republic.
Millions of the 5 million or so who returned alive from German captivity were sentenced to labour camps.
Were the families of those who did not survive captivity fairly compensated?
She will survive her many wounds and, we hope, mend from the trauma of her captivity .
the third month of their captivity passed
The pope was taken prisoner and kept in polite captivity for nine months.
I met Brian just six months after he came out of captivity , and I was struck by how unsettled he seemed.
he was released after 865 days in captivity
the third month of their captivity
After three and a half years in captivity , only one-third of the prisoners were still alive.