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captivate / пленять, очаровывать, увлекать
fascinate, captivate, attract, allure, bewitch, sirenize
fascinate, charm, enchant, captivate, mesmerize, enthrall
enthrall, carry away, captivate, take, sweep, sweep along
attract and hold the interest and attention of; charm.
he was captivated by her beauty
The volume will captivate anyone with an interest in politics, public policy, and the strange ways of the Fourth Estate.
Nor would they captivate my attention so easily for 45 minutes.
Whatever, there is still a person somewhere there to tease, interest and captivate us.
Crime is law, and what we're trying to do is captivate the public's interest in something that they find interesting.
His reconstructed realities captivate participants with a mesmeric hold that lasts far beyond the temporal end of a work.
Her charms would captivate me and make it difficult later to leave her.
To illustrate this thesis, Hanson captivatingly narrates the details of the marches and men lead by three generals: Epaminondas, William Sherman, and George Patton.
It was at that moment that he was captivated by her smile and that was the moment their eyes met.
This brief and enigmatic story has a remarkable effect on Bandini, hypnotizing and captivating him.
‘Hayden, let me tell you a story,’ he said, his voice captivatingly soft, and again all I could do was listen.