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caption / заголовок, подпись, титр
имя существительное
heading, headline, caption, head, banner, topic
signature, sign, caption, subscription, John Hancock, sub
titer, titre, title, caption
имя существительное
a title or brief explanation appended to an article, illustration, cartoon, or poster.
Bournemouth Council now uses cartoon captions on its posters to attract attention.
provide (an illustration) with a title or explanation.
the drawings were captioned with humorous texts
A caption flashes across the screen listing the substitutes for both teams.
However, according to the archived video of the ad linked above, media reports and interviews with a high-level campaign official and political experts, the caption did not appear in the original ad.
A static caption on screen for several minutes on end is unusual today but was a staple of television graphics from the fifties to the early eighties.
Defendants' motion to remove Kama's name from the caption of this case is ALLOWED.
Remember when newsreaders just read the news, without the caption and the illustration and the crawl at the bottom of the screen?
Every key work is illustrated and accompanied by an explanatory caption .
In the first scene of the film a caption informs us that the events take place in ‘Southern Italy, 1978.’
The caption over your illustration of the proposed extension to the library at the University of York would surely be more apt if it read 1920s revisited.
First, a note on the film's opening caption , which reads, ‘Based on a true story.’
The case is notable not for the momentousness of the underlying legal question but for its amusing caption .