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captain / капитан, капитан команды, полководец
имя существительное
captain, skipper, padrone, old man
капитан команды
captain, skipper
general, leader, captain, soldier, chieftain
lead, guide, manage, direct, run, captain
быть капитаном корабля
имя существительное
the person in command of a ship.
You can build farms and plantations, hire sailors and ship captains to build your fleet, and establish trade routes to line your pockets.
be the captain of (a ship, aircraft, or sports team).
It is at times the rudder that steadies and guides the ship of state captained by the Government.
he did very well academically, becoming school captain
Minister for Defence Robert Hill talks with an Australian Army captain and warrant officer at a Middle East base.
Once the aircraft was on auto pilot, the captain , who had greeted me with a huge smile on the tarmac, came out of his cabin and chatted with the passengers.
The team captain leveled a thinly veiled criticism at the club president just last week.
That year she wore the class ring of the student council president, who was also the captain of the football team.
The prosecutor said a police officer boarded the aircraft while the captain was preparing for the flight to Dalaman in Turkey.
He had been captain of the football team, captain of the basketball team, MVP of all the sports he played.
Imagine you are the captain of a sports team facing an important match and you want to speak to everyone to persuade them to do their best.
And this season Smith, voted a team captain , has become a leader.
In ‘Billy Budd’ the innocent boy is hanged by his reluctant captain in accordance with naval law.