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capsule / капсула, коробочка, капсюль
имя существительное
capsule, cap, primer, detonator
имя прилагательное
brief, summary, short, concise, succinct, capsule
capsule, recapitulative, recapitulatory
summarize, sum up, totalize, tot, tot up, capsule
делать резюме
имя существительное
a small case or container, especially a round or cylindrical one.
These tiny cylindrical capsules contain microchips with copper coils.
a tough sheath or membrane that encloses something in the body, such as a kidney, a lens, or a synovial joint.
The prostate gland is enclosed in a prostatic capsule and surrounded by extraperitoneal connective tissue.
the foil or plastic covering the cork of a wine bottle.
it is an alternative name for the capsule which covers the cork and neck of a wine bottle.
a dry fruit that releases its seeds by bursting open when ripe, such as a pea pod.
The leaves of the great poplar he climbed in gleamed as though polished; bead-like fruit dangled, inviting young hands to burst the green capsules open and release the fluffy seed.
the spore-producing structure of mosses and liverworts, typically borne on a stalk.
For example, in mosses the sporophyte is a capsule atop a slender stalk that grows out of the top of the gametophyte.
Also popular confectionery, comprising a cheap chocolate egg lined with even cheaper white chocolate inside, and inside that a plastic capsule containing a Surprise.
The capsule is a strong container containing references and artefacts of today's living.
Most popular are restaurants offering capsule descriptions to help you make an informed choice.
it is an alternative name for the capsule which covers the cork and neck of a wine bottle.
That is, these mosses have peristome teeth which are formed by walls growing between the rows of cells making up the mouth of the spore capsule .
He grabbed a small needle gun and a cylindrical capsule , a stim, and loaded it into the device.
a capsule review of the movie
They remember when, commuting to work, they read the ‘Portraits of Grief’ in the New York Times' capsule lives of the dead.
With the camp now over, look for a recap and capsule summary of the players who were here.
I thought the City Paper capsule review was odd, though, in that it slammed the movie for its ‘liberal’ cliches.