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capstan / шпиль, кабестан, ворот
имя существительное
spire, steeple, capstan, pin, needle, top
winch, windlass, pulley, capstan, neckband, swipe
имя существительное
a revolving cylinder with a vertical axis used for winding a rope or cable, powered by a motor or pushed around by levers.
Helping were a number of Adsteam tugs and a team of ADI dockworkers who, with stout ropes and capstans finally secured the giant ship.
At the stern, a single capstan and chain hold the kedge anchor in place against the rear of the hull.
The pirates instantly began winching the cable in with a capstan .
For every 30 inches of tape that zips by the heads in one second, the ATR capstan rotates just four times!
After two years in the field, drives without a sealed mechanism experience dust buildup around the media entrance and in critical areas such as the capstan .
In one design, two or more horses walked in a circle on deck, turning a capstan amidships that was geared to a paddle wheel set between a pair of catamaran-like hulls.
Helical Scan media, on the other hand, is pulled out of the cartridge shell, then led through a complicated system of guides and capstan rollers before being wrapped around a rotating head.
After the top of the barrel has been shaped, the coopers wrap cables around the base of the barrel and use a capstan to cinch up the base.
The stern deck itself has a big capstan in the centre, with pairs of small bollards on either side.
Behind the forward capstan , the wreck becomes an unidentifiable mess but it can be seen that the superstructure had rounded windows rather than portholes.
You will note mooring bollards and a single capstan with a large winch further behind, and are likely to come across an enormous edible crab which has been there for quite a while.