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capsize / опрокидывание
имя существительное
tilting, capsize, turnover, upset, tumbling, tripping
overturn, upset, tip over, topple, tilt, capsize
overturn, upset, tip over, topple, tilt, capsize
(of a boat) overturn in the water.
the craft capsized in heavy seas
имя существительное
an instance of capsizing.
The trainees got to sail the boats with time spent as crew, helm, flying the spinnaker, and some ‘lucky’ few even got to see a capsize up close.
The wave simulator can recreate swells of up to two metres - and in these stormy conditions, trainees will learn to cope with a chilly and potentially terrifying capsize .
Many an hour was spent tacking, jibing and splicing the main brace with the occasional capsize as well.
I also did canoeing, and recall being only slightly scared by my initial capsize down a Garavogue weir.
After losing their first race Bristol 1 benefited from a capsize by a London boat in the second race and went on to convincingly win the third to make it into the final.
And the skill of sailing is matched in these young modern matelots by the skill of recovery from the capsize .
Another ferry capsize occurred in the Philippines, killing 38.
After the fifth capsize , I climbed out on deck, fully intended to set off my distress beacon to ask for help.
Former Newcastle RNLI members have claimed that inexperience was to blame for the dramatic capsize of the town's inshore lifeboat.
A two-year-old boy, of Rangarti village in Hailakandi district, reportedly got drowned and one more person died in Karimganj district in a boat capsize in flood waters.
do you know what to do in the event of a capsize?