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caprice / каприз, причуда, непостоянство
имя существительное
caprice, whim, freak, fancy, whimsy, vagary
fad, whim, quirk, freak, crotchet, caprice
impermanence, inconstancy, variability, volatility, instability, caprice
variability, volatility, changeability, mutability, fluidity, caprice
имя существительное
a sudden and unaccountable change of mood or behavior.
her caprices had made his life impossible
Not by the wildest caprice of imagination was ‘a nation terrorized’ by McCarthy.
But that might be less upsetting to witness than the scene here in Addis, where uncomplaining Ethiopians submit humbly to the bitter caprice of clinical selection.
Unless you live in Spain, it is difficult to count the layers of irony stacked up alongside that idea, after 103 years in which the caprice of human judgement would appear to have rather favoured the famous team in white.
In our modern world, after all, power rarely lies hidden behind, say, Roman flat or the caprice of royal edict, at least not in the colonizing countries.
a land where men were ruled by law and not by caprice
Paganini's 24th caprice for solo violin, itself a variation on an original theme, was creatively diversified by Brahms, Liszt, Szymanowski and, most lyrically, Rachmaninov.
Dip in, and let yourself be governed by mood and caprice .
It was an odd caprice of fate that an actor who would have preferred doing classical texts made his fame and fortune in something based on a comic book.
Her narrative follows a loopy line traced more by mood and caprice than by causation or chronology.
It is not an inanimate thing, like a house, to be pulled down or enlarged or structurally altered at the caprice of the tenant or owner; it is a living thing.