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capper / подставное лицо, крышка
имя существительное
подставное лицо
figurehead, shill, dummy, stooge, capper, counterfeit
cap, cover, lid, case, hood, capper
имя существительное
a more surprising, upsetting, or entertaining event or situation than all others that have gone before.
the capper was him accusing her of ripping off his car
These are all respectable, and they lead on to a capper , which Spielberg produced and supposedly ghost-directed, the superb Poltergeist.
The choice of track sequence and final mix was left to others - hardly a definitive capper on Smith's impressive catalog.
It's kind of the surreal capper of my whole surreal week.
I simply savored it and moved on - the perfect capper to the two nights of classic New York moments.
But the capper was that both my Mom and my Grandad had told me to my face not to throw rocks on the roof.
the capper was him accusing her of ripping off his car
The capper was a Week 17 loss to Carolina, which doomed their playoff chances and led to a very long offseason.
We always planned this season finale to be a great capper to the season and the show in general.
And here's the capper : Before this season, he was 4-13 in April and March.
This was the capper on a long list of misfortunes.