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capitation / подушный налог, поголовная перепись, поголовный подсчет
имя существительное
подушный налог
capitation, poll-tax, head-money
поголовная перепись
поголовный подсчет
имя существительное
the payment of a fee or grant to a doctor, school, or other person or body providing services to a number of people, such that the amount paid is determined by the number of patients, students, or customers.
the increased capitation enabled schools to offer students an enhanced curriculum
There's the 20 per cent tax credit for the childcare expenses of parents, and a promise to fund childcare and pre-schooling through a €1,200 capitation grant.
Fee-paying schools do not receive capitation and related supports - unless they are Protestant schools.
Students will need to have been working in summer jobs that pay 10 per hour to pay the costs of going to college plus the increase in capitation fees.
The school received a lot of their money through capitation grants from the Department of Education.
In Britain the problems associated with capitation grants were recognised in the early 1920s and were subsequently abolished and replaced with a block grant.
the increased capitation enabled schools to offer students an enhanced curriculum
Consequently, budgets based on capitation formulas may discourage doctors from taking on patients with complex health needs who would be expected to make high use of healthcare services.
income from capitation fees
These policies usually mandate low levels of capitation on the total amount that can be allocated for these services.
For example, with University College Cork, undergraduates pay a €750 registration fee and €65 capitation fee.