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capitalize / капитализировать, печатать прописными буквами, превращать в капитал
печатать прописными буквами
превращать в капитал
capitalize, plow back
take the chance to gain advantage from.
an attempt by the opposition to capitalize on the government's embarrassment
provide (a company or industry) with capital.
a highly capitalized industry
realize (the present value of an income); convert into capital.
In this connection ‘fund’, I take it, ordinarily means money set aside and invested, the surplus income therefrom being capitalised .
write or print (a word or letter) in capital letters.
I also learned how to correctly identify the beginning of a sentence, target the first word, and capitalize the first letter (make the letter bigger than the rest).
people should have the right to capitalize part of the value of these benefits
We should capitalize the word, as this is how we are taught to refer to God.
an attempt by the opposition to capitalize on the government's embarrassment
There is a certain market in English that refuses to capitalize words or use punctuation.
The convention to capitalize the first letter of a meaning-laden noun may therefore be particularly useful in aiding structural analysis, allowing easy assignment of some words to their proper grammatical class.
It's likely that some of this ill-gotten gain has been used to capitalize businesses or endow universities.
As I noted briefly, it generally is an accepted accounting practice to capitalize assets.
One adjustment is to capitalize R&D expenditures and amortize them over five years instead of expensing these investments in the year they are made.
While any newspaper could set a style to capitalize the word ‘black,’ McIntyre said he doesn't know how much influence it would have outside the newspaper itself.
His tone spoke of his importance, he seemed to capitalize every significant word.