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caper / каперсы, скачок, капер
имя существительное
jump, leap, hop, bounce, caper, skip
privateer, captor, caper, corsair
jump, leap, hop, skip, spring, caper
jump, skip, leap, dance, cavort, caper
делать прыжки
имя существительное
a playful skipping movement.
she did a little caper
an activity or escapade, typically one that is illicit or ridiculous.
If he escapes, it will be a trick worthy of the swimming-pool caper .
the cooked and pickled flower buds of a bramblelike southern European shrub, used to flavor food.
They go well with the strong Mediterranean flavours of anchovy, garlic, capers , extra virgin olive oil, rosemary and oregano, and Greek cheeses such as feta and halloumi.
the shrub from which capers are taken.
Avinoam Danin, a botanist from Hebrew University of Jerusalem claims he has identified pollen from the tumbleweed Gundelia tournefortii and a bean caper on the shroud.
skip or dance about in a lively or playful way.
children were capering about the room
Just don't expect a ‘post-modern’ crime caper in the Quentin Tarantino vein.
Their caper involves a nightlong journey of picking up cash all over town in a purloined bank van with Wayne and Henry posing as bank guards assigned to collect all this money.
It's a safe, unassuming, rather amusing little crime caper .
she did a little caper or dance
Initially, I'm slightly skeptical about the whole caper .
It's a terrific caper , beautifully acted by Nolte.
They lay their eggs on plants in the caper family, like the wild passion fruit bush.
He will later this year be seen in a car-chase caper called V for Vendetta, a British ‘bonfire night’ action thriller by the makers of The Matrix.
Sienna grabs onto Taranian's shoulder in a bout of joy, and does a caper around her friend, laughing in a barely sane manner.
If he escapes, it will be a trick worthy of the swimming-pool caper .