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capacity / мощность, емкость, способность
имя существительное
power, capacity, output, energy, duty, width
capacity, capacitance, volume, content, holding capacity, volumetric capacity
ability, capacity, power, capability, faculty, aptitude
capacity, holding capacity, content, bulk
volume, capacity, size, bulk, space, content
имя существительное
the maximum amount that something can contain.
the capacity of the freezer is 1.1 cubic feet
the ability or power to do, experience, or understand something.
I was impressed by her capacity for hard work
a specified role or position.
I was engaged in a voluntary capacity
Camp Bucca, which has a maximum capacity of 6,000 detainees, is up to about 5,150.
Iran claims that over the next 20 years it intends to build several more reactors with a total capacity of 6,000 MW.
A strike by French energy workers resulted in a cut of power production by 5,500 megawatts, or about five percent of total generation capacity .
cases where a patient's testamentary capacity is in doubt
At full capacity , the Polana factory is capable of producing 5500 tons in a year.
However, it differs in revised crankshaft and pistons, an increased cylinder capacity and larger intake and exhaust ports.
his capacity to inspire trust in others
At 11 songs and just over 37 minutes, the album is almost exactly half the maximum capacity of a CD.
When this happens, it becomes difficult to maintain the capacity of the unused battery.
The problem lies with the capacity of the international community to react, not with its analysis or information gathering.