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capability / возможности, способность, умение
имя существительное
capability, facilities, scope, vista
ability, capacity, power, capability, faculty, aptitude
skill, ability, knack, art, proficiency, capability
имя существительное
power or ability.
he had an intuitive capability of bringing the best out in people
The custom circuitry also has an extended recursive look-up capability .
What if we all traded our PCs for really smart mobile phones with voice interfaces and computing capability ?
Military capability is the other indispensable component of defense.
The huge effort to build up the U.S. presence in the Middle East taxed the Air Force's airlift capability .
the company's capability to increase productivity
No real computer possesses greater problem-solving capability than that of Turing's idealized machine.
There's been a big buildup in military capability , in missiles deployed along the mainland coast.
This mission is well beyond the capability of conventional chemically powered spacecraft.
There are a lot of software packages pitching reboot capability at the moment.
The experiences the baby has in the first few years of their life determines the intellectual capability of the child.