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canyoning / каньонинг
имя существительное
the sport of exploring a canyon by engaging in such activities as rappelling, rafting, and waterfall jumping.
Though I was going to save bungee jumping, canyoning and the rest of the wild stuff for when I wasn't playing at being an Edwardian vicar, I had decided that paragliding was a must.
I've been climbing for three years and partaking in sort of sports like this for probably five, like abseiling and canyoning .
I've been four times, and while there have enjoyed canyoning , deep-sea fishing, snorkelling in the reefs, several helicopter flights and wandering around the top of live volcanoes.
Its Awesome Foursome weekend, based in the Austrian resort of Zell am See, in the Kitzbühler Alps, features white-water rafting, canyoning , mountain-biking and glacier-skiing.
canyoning is an extremely popular summer thrill in the Alps
Optional add-ons include horse-riding, canyoning , and whale-watching in the Straits of Gibraltar.
A week of canyoning , canoeing, rafting, climbing and orienteering, with B&B accommodation by the beach at Stomio, costs £355 pp.
Volley-type sandshoes are by far the best shoes for canyoning .
I was taking part in a race, the Mauritius Raid, four days of strenuous activity; mountain-biking, kayaking, canoeing, canyoning and rollerblading.
Yet even the rugged gorge walks and canyoning of the interior cater for the luxury traveller.
If you enjoy a day at the swimming pool, splashing down the flumes, think of canyoning as the 100% natural equivalent.