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canyon / каньон, ущелье, глубокое ущелье
имя существительное
canyon, cannon
canyon, ravine, pass, defile, gap, rift
глубокое ущелье
canyon, chasm, gap, cannon
имя существительное
a deep gorge, typically one with a river flowing through it.
The trip passes by waterfalls, forests, canyons , valleys, sinkholes and caves.
The canyon opened into vast boulder fields, where the river sometimes disappeared in the distance.
Camping and fishing are available down in the Pecos River canyon or you can hike up on the mesa.
She could barely see the outline of a river winding lazily through the canyon .
It's a hard battle though because when you're at the bottom of a vast canyon looking up, it seems a hell of a climb to the top.
The helicopter then descended into the bottom of the canyon and landed on one side of the Colorado River.
Towering bridges crossed creeks, ravines and canyons , while down below huge waves swept across rocks and deserted beaches.
The book was an argument for preventing further dams in the Colorado River canyons .
Outlanders often refuse to believe that Texas even has canyons or mountains, but this range is no mirage.
The photography group go south again for the day, sheltered from the westerly wind to dive a maze of deep, narrow canyons .
While on the subject of canyons, there are some really spectacular underwater canyons off Great Dog Island to the west of Tortola.