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cantor / кантор, певчий-солист
имя существительное
имя существительное
an official who sings liturgical music and leads prayer in a synagogue.
Synagogue services can be led by a rabbi, a cantor or a member of the congregation.
(in formal Christian worship) a person who sings solo verses or passages to which the choir or congregation responds.
In my parish, I'm a cantor and choir member, and I really enjoy singing and leading the congregation in song.
The Jolson Story - Young Asa Yoelson lives with his parents in Washington where his father is a cantor at the local synagogue.
Since 1999 she has been a regular cantor at St Patrick's Cathedral & is a freelance singer for weddings & other ceremonies
He spoke Yiddish and had been a cantor in a Harlem synagogue.
Often in non-orthodox settings, prayer is undertaken by the rabbi and the cantor .
As the cantor would be reading about the Temple, I would completely disconnect, planning my summer vacation, celebrating the end of my exams, or just hoping that the fast will go well this year.
The cantor began to chant a soft melody called Kol Nidrei.
One of those is David Cherwien, cantor of Mount Olive Lutheran Church, Minneapolis, the same position Manz held for many years.
Synagogue services can be led by a rabbi, a cantor or a member of the congregation.
Wolff traces his development as organist, composer, cantor, court musician and teacher, culminating in Bach's 27 years as cantor and music director in Leipzig.
Finally, it's come to my attention that the up-and-coming Canadian boy band B4-4 is fronted by the twin sons of the cantor of my family synagogue.