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canto / песнь, песня, пение
имя существительное
canto, chant, canticle, lay, warble
song, canto, chanson, glee, air, descant
singing, song, sing, pipe, canto, anthem
имя существительное
one of the sections into which certain long poems are divided.
In 1758 he published The Highlander, a heroic poem in six cantos .
The Commedia's last allusion to Virgil occurs as late as the final canto , when the poet marks the dissolution of his own powers in the face of God's reality.
Executed on large sheets of sheepskin parchment, each extraordinarily delicate ink line drawing illustrates one canto or section of Dante's poem.
This singular indebtedness is registered canto after canto , as both pilgrim and poet quite literally follow in Virgil's beloved footsteps.
In the last canto , it transpires that the louse had tumbled down from his own wig.
This couplet, which appears by itself rather than as the conclusion of a longer passage, forms the final two lines of the second canto .
Each section of Lip Service corresponds to a canto in the Paradiso, the last of which matches up with the last two sections of Andrews's poem - Primum Mobile 9 and 10.
This scene comes from the final canto of the 6,000-line poem, but although it is clearly the epic's climactic moment, its intra-familial violence cannot be allowed to remain its final statement.
The rich allegorical description of the island throughout the first five cantos of the poem offers, in itself, a harsh invective against prevailing Stuart policy.
Structurally, I divided the film into ten cantos .
One intention of this article is to analyse the Russian cantos in Don Juan and to test the validity of Gilenson's claim about the extent to which Byron was aware of Russian history.