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cantilever / консоль, кронштейн, укосина
имя существительное
console, bracket, cantilever, stand, angle bracket
bracket, support, carrier, console, hanger, cantilever
jib, boom, gib, gibbet, cantilever, lead
имя существительное
a long projecting beam or girder fixed at only one end, used chiefly in bridge construction.
Right up there, on the very summit of one of the three great double cantilevers of the Forth Bridge, I looked north to the sweep of the Lomond Hills and south to Arthur's Seat.
support by a cantilever or cantilevers.
a cantilevered deck
Here the road has been widened and supported on cantilever beams over the gorge and at the most slip prone area a protective roof has been built over the road.
A tilt-up concrete shear wall braces a wood-frame structure, and a steel frame supports the cantilever .
Underneath the cantilever , glass panels between the beams form a band of clerestorey glazing admitting daylight to the ground floor.
Accomplished through the use of multiple steel trusses, the cantilever prevents the older structure from being overwhelmed by the new.
The cantilever on the canal side is counterbalanced by the concrete ground floor on the land side.
Six workers were killed and another injured when part of a balanced cantilever of an overpass under construction along the express road leading to the Yuankang fishing port in Hsiping, Miaoli County collapsed.
Theater patrons can also expect a stunning view, as the new facility's lobby will project out to near the edge of the bluffs in a bridge-like cantilever over the park.
Under the cantilever is a new sitting room, which looks out east across a slender garden and straight into a tall newly-planted, impenetrable evergreen hedge that protects the President's privacy at ground level.
A cantilever bracket called tou-kung was used to carry the eaves overhang as far as possible, beyond the outermost columns.
Surprisingly, the E1027 is just about childproof, if you make sure the spine is firmly against a wall so the cantilever supports your infant's weight as they haul themselves up to swipe off everything carefully arranged on top of it.