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canter / легкий галоп, попрошайка, говорящий на жаргоне
имя существительное
легкий галоп
canter, tittup
beggar, panhandler, mendicant, canter, cadger, scrounger
говорящий на жаргоне
ехать легким галопом
пускать лошадь легким галопом
имя существительное
a three-beat gait of a horse or other quadruped between a trot and a gallop.
he kicked his horse into a canter
(of a horse) move at a canter in a particular direction.
they cantered down into the village
The horse is taken through a series of tests, such as the pirouette, piaffe and passage, in a walk, trot and canter .
He wasn't supposed to ride her in a trot, canter or gallop.
The pace quickened to a canter as the trail began to open and they rode into a valley.
When you are relaxed and balanced, you can begin to work on following the horse's motion at the walk, trot and canter .
Horses continued to be exercised at the trot and canter at the same speeds while traveling approximately 4400 m/d.
They walk and jog clockwise on the far outside of the rail, and they canter and gallop counter-clockwise along the inside rail.
I rode away at a canter
At stride five, the horse will simply jump and canter away.
We lapped the track a few times at a walk, trot and canter and Risk went through it pretty smoothly.
Should this leading leg be the right front leg, it would be called a right-hand canter and a left-hand canter would be led by the left leg.