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canteen / столовая, буфет, войсковая лавка
имя существительное
dining room, canteen, eatery, mess, refectory, cantina
buffet, sideboard, cupboard, canteen, bar, refreshment room
войсковая лавка
имя существительное
a restaurant provided by an organization such as a military camp, college, factory, or company for its soldiers, students, staff, etc..
Anybody who has seen a fight sequence from a Hindi film which takes place in a college canteen or a restaurant will know the answer.
a small water bottle, as used by soldiers or campers.
You don't just tell your soldiers to fill their canteens with water; you check them before a patrol to make sure they did.
Astley Bridge police station on Crompton Way is in a relatively isolated position, away from shops and food retailers and so staff rely on the canteen to provide them with hot meals and sandwiches.
Instead of people coming up and congratulating me, for saving their summer, I'm getting dirty looks at the bus stop and nobody wants to sit next to me in the staff canteen .
It is also about the activities of college students in the canteen , sports fields and between classes.
‘You should not feel comfortable,’ Leigha replied, drinking for her animal skin canteen .
Soon the guard took his water canteen out of his belt, took a swig, and dropped to the floor, never to wake again.
Even the school canteen - Range Restaurant - is looking at plans to make ready meals available for staff to take home and reheat for themselves and their families.
She was wearing brown hiking boots, a pink backpack, a canteen and a hookshot attached to her belt.
On block release, I queued for dinner at the college canteen behind Alison and Sam.
He dropped the container and the canteen and sprawled onto the ground.
He gave her water from his canteen , cupped in his hand.