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canoodle / ласкать, нежить, ласкаться
caress, fondle, pet, stroke, canoodle, nurse
cosher, cosset, canoodle
fawn, snuggle up to, bill, bill and coo, canoodle, exchange caresses
kiss and cuddle amorously.
she was caught canoodling with her boyfriend
Peaceful beauty spots where you can sit and canoodle with your beloved become rowdy picnic sites, littered with fast food cartons and empty drink cans and populated by teenage gangs with nothing to do but chuck stones at the wildlife.
Time was when the young couldn't wait to flee the nest, as they were never allowed so much as to canoodle under the parental roof; now only the stuffiest refuse to admit that the unmarried have sex lives.
Local kids play badminton on paths between immaculately manicured gardens, while at dusk, couples canoodle on wrought-iron benches under banyan trees that drape elegantly into the slow-flowing Pearl River.
The brunette beauty was spotted canoodling with the veteran actor, who is 20 years her senior, at a party in Los Angeles..
The smitten pair, who began dating in 2003, celebrated their engagement by canoodling in a Los Angeles restaurant, surrounded by friends.
The Oscar-winning actor and the sexy actress were seen at Miami Beach's Prime 112 restaurant looking very much the couple, while onlookers claim they were canoodling during a recent night out at Amika Loft Lounge and Discotheque..
By the pool, couples are canoodling in red plastic pods which seem to contain water beds.
So they were together, canoodling , and literally kissing and making-out for the paparazzi.
Rather than wanting a homemaker who thinks more about cup-cakes than canoodling , modern man is after a sexually confident woman who is not shy about paying her own way.
Two hundred children at Warneford school, near Swindon, have boycotted lessons and staged a rally on the playing fields to protest against a ban on classroom canoodling .